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To access the full capabilities of evergreeninterpreting.com you must be a registered user. Each authorized user chooses a unique user name and password. Upon log in, users can input, edit and cancel interpreting assignments directly into a secure, HIPAA-compliant data base, 24/7/365. When an appointment gets scheduled into our data base we receive a message identifying who scheduled the appointment and all pertinent appointment details. When the agency accepts and confirms coverage of the appointment, the individual who scheduled the service can verify, so they never have to wonder if the appointment is covered or not. We typically prefer appointments to be scheduled ahead of time but in most instances can accommodate last minute requests. The information you have provided us with will help us better serve your needs by providing you the customer with accurate tracking of services, increased efficiency and accuracy and integrated quality assurance.

 Evergreen Interpreting Services
 2220 NW Utah Court Camas, WA 98607
 Telephone: 360-954-5114
Fax: 360-844-6257

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